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"I know, I'm Stunning", says the Dress!

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Wedding dress trends for 2020 show beyond dreamy and timeless. One of my highlights as a photographer is "the dress" and I haven't seen a dramatic dress like this one in a long time...I couldn't get enough of this dress while we were taking pictures. In my head I was like, "Heidi enough, you got it, move on" but it was just so stunning on this bride. I choose to craft this in a classic black and white image in the old parlor at the ever so historic Weaverville Whitmore Inn in Weaverville, CA. where the wedding party stayed.

How do you choose? There are so many gowns at every price range. I say splurge just a is a main focal point of the wedding day...well that and the food. ;). No, really, after photographing hundreds of weddings I've seen and heard the ooohs and ahhhs...and the ughssss. "The dress was so plain", "Wow, I'm surprised at the dress", "The dress was stunning"!


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